The Dormouse has moved

Hi all. The dormouse has moved to it's new website and portfolio on This site remains online as a referential work for the moment. For the latest work please visit

Welcome to the homepage of

The dormouse outpost was supposed to be an online portfolio. But I must say that it has taken its own toll on me.... evolving I might say into something grander. As I developed it as a project in a webdesign course it began to tell its own story.

To explain how the page was developed in the first place. How it evolved during the time and what it means to me- to tell all these things I assorted a documentation.

This documentation is included in the link below. For a printable version please contact the dormouse. You can send an e-mail to

Click on the image beside to access the dormouse-documentation. I hope you enjoy reading and above all looking at the little brochure.