The Newsbringer's here

In The Newsbringer's House you can find the latest upcomings regarding the dormouse and its outpost. Eventually the newsbringer will also report about friends of the dormouse and their ongoings. Who knows - maybe one day you'll be one of them? I know the dormouse would be delighted!

23.05.2014 The dormouse outpost is online

It's finally there! The dormouse outpost is online at last. After two weeks of serious developing my new portfolio portal has found its way onto the web.
I hope you people stopping by enjoy the tour through my very own universe of arts. If you'd like to leave a message via The Contacting Rainbow or if you'd rather send an e-mail - please do so. I'll be delighted to listen to your comments on the dormouse outpost!

22.05.2014 There' a documentation you know!

DokuFor all of you who'd like to know a little more about this "serious developing" there's a little documentation available. Well not quite so little after all. But maybe you're interested in skimming through the pages.
As this is my first serious web-development I would much appreciate your comments on the excecution of my work. Please use The Contacting Rainbow for comments or my e-mail address which you can find on The Knowledge Bridge.