Welcome to The Manga Island

Manga and also Anime is one of the dormouse' great passions. It loves the fragile lines, the vivid colours, the fantasy interweaving with the storytelling and the art. Sometimes it likes to reproduce sometimes to make up its own stories. I know how it is. Especially when I started out drawing manga I often reproduced other peoples works. But now I prefer to stick with my own characters to keep me company. To let them tell me their story in each new work. Somtimes they are simple messages - the whiff of emotion coming across- And sometimes they are more complex, full of problems, of reflection, of longing - like live is basically. Live abstracted into lines of ink and vivid colors wrapped into the cloak of fantasy.

A rainy day in midsummer An meinem Grab Breeze Holy wind Illuminated Jam-making Orpheus Pikachu and Hase - beloved childhood friends Scream-scream Smack The veil Autumn Angel running free Angelic Fairy's sleep Goldene Gitterstäbe Green flower beauty Heroine Diary Manga Cover Iced Thank You